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Personal Message from Kent Gill

August 2018

This is my first vocal album featuring some of the songs I've written through the years.  This collection includes story songs, love songs, songs with a touch of humor, upbeat songs, a mellow ballad, and a song of prayer.  

These songs may or may not fit on contemporary country radio format, I don't know for sure.   All I know is that I write and sing them from the heart, and hope that they reach you on the same level.   If I had to label them, I would call them “Traditional Country.”    Inspired by true heartfelt emotion and the simpler times of my life, the themes range from - a little boy's innocent crush on a nearly grown teenage girl to a youngster hoping his musician dad will get a "real job" someday.   The album’s signature song, “Let Not These Songs Be Wasted,” captures the prayer of a songwriter to share his inspired creation to an appreciative audience.  

I sincerely hope you find something you enjoy in these songs as I have thoroughly enjoyed writing and singing them.

With all my best, 

Kent Gill

"Let Not These Songs Be Wasted" Review

When you mention Kent Gill, you think of a traveling musician.  After all, he stood at David Houston's side on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry and other showcase venues all over the USA, Canada, England and Norway, playing guitar and sometimes fiddle for a number of years.

Kent is a singer-songwriter who knows his trade well.  His new album, "Let Not These Songs Be Wasted," is so refreshing!  It's original and it's COUNTRY!

Kent personally put the driving guitar work on 'Love Don't Just Happen', 'Heart Brake', and several other songs, while Dexter Mathis played the lively and colorful licks on 'Flower Mountain' and others.  Give a listen to 'Daddy's Gonna Get A Real Job.'  It's like a national anthem for musicians.  Kent wrote all ten of the featured songs.

This album has a new modern sound, yet it preserves the traditional sound of yesteryear.  Kent Gill has honed his craft well.

H. D. Ainsworth
H. D. Morning Show, KBEF Radio

Minden/Springhill, Louisiana

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